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I’ll be reading this Saturday in Boulder in connection with the good folks at Subito Press. It’ll probably just be some MUtDs and assorted shorter pieces. I’m not sure which ones to read from the little book, so if you have a favorite, let me know. Otherwise I’ll just read the same one over and over until the audience leaves.

Anyway, the details:

Kristin Abraham & Adam Peterson
Subito Press Poetry & Fiction Contest Winners
Norlin Library, Irish Studies Room
University of Colorado

There is even another fantastic reading afterward with Cole Swensen, Paul Hoover, and Linda Norton. In fact, there are great readings and panels all weekend in connection with their Small Press & Translation Festival. I have no reason to think anyone reading this lives in Colorado, but you should come anyway if you have access to a car, horse, or zeppelin. As always, a boat will do you no good.

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