Exhibit 6.25

Went to see Chris Bachelder read at Nebraska Wesleyan last night. He was fantastic, reading a gripping section of his book U.S.! which is apparently about the repeated assassination and resurrection of Upton Sinclair. Hard to beat that.

He also has an e-book available from McSweeney’s here. Go take a look.

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  1. H says:

    Does Upton Sinclair look like Harry Connick, Jr.?


    Yes, great reading.

  2. A. Peterson says:

    It really gives one a new perspective on our current cycle of Harry Connick Jr. assassination/resurrection.

  3. Is seeing Harry Connick Jr at the Wolf Trap national park when I was 14 because I had a crush on a girl with really curly hair in my freshman class who liked him considered “assassination”?

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