Exhibit 4.6

So this is bizarre.

I apparently now have a page on Creighton University’s Nebraska Center for Writers which is a little embarrassing as I don’t really have anything to offer anyone–including the two of you reading this–and certainly shouldn’t be mentioned as a representative (no matter how insignificant) of any municipality or state.

I’ve been to the page recently (it is, sadly, a good way to spend the last hour of work) and I certainly wasn’t on there before. Ignoring for a second the question of who told them about me, I really want to rewrite my bio so it doesn’t mention my tiny moments but instead mentions my sterling Nebraska credentials.

Things I might mention:

  • Really like Amigos.
  • Once had allergic reaction at Fort Robinson.
  • Know that Kanye West’s song “The Good Life” is about Alma.
  • Have been to Alma.
  • As a boy, worried that Omaha would get blown up by the Soviets due to SAC.
  • Can say things like, “Is that by Alliance?” with credibility.
  • Have also been to Alliance. (It’s by Alma).
  • Have seriously looked forward to going to the Sidney Cabelas then felt slightly out-of-place when given complementary rubber worm.
  • Told a joke about Scott Frost getting angry and throwing a Coke at a reporter but overthrowing him by 5 yards. (1995)
  • Once stood in line at a grocery store to get Scott Frost’s autograph. (1998)
  • Know that Alliance isn’t really by Alma.
  • I can pretend to like Runza.

I mean, those are pretty solid credentials. Can you beat that Mignon Eberhardt?

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  1. Dusty says:

    Brent Spencer maintains this site, so Jonis probably told him about you and your creds.

    You can email him a photo so people won’t think you look like Chimney Rock.

  2. A. Peterson says:

    Every time I see a state quarter it’s like looking into a mirror.

  3. A. Peterson says:

    You should tell them that Kansas has been talking about adding you to their website. You’d have your own chimney rock photo before you could say Ogallala Aquifer.

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