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So Heather has started to review things on Yelp–you can see her reviews here–which I think is really fascinating and strange and scary. Apparently this started when some previously unknown archnemesis posted a negative review of a treasured family dining spot which she felt the need to defend.

(This, incidentally, is how I feel when reading this review of the Sands Motor Inn in North Platte. Two stars? Oh, you’re on my list Kristopher R. If you weren’t some lone warrior pointlessly trying to establish a Yelp outpost in North Platte circa 2006, I’d show you up by giving that nonexistent restaurant at least four stars just to balance out the universe.)

Anyway, it’s a short fall from defending restaurants to laboring over just how many stars to give to the mediocre Thai place where we eat. It’s fun to have conversations like this:

Heather: What if they read it?
Adam: Yelp in Lincoln seems to be you and one other person.
Heather: I hate that person so much.
Heather: Three stars.
Heather: Two stars.
Heather: No, three stars.

The correct answer is two stars.

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  1. A. Peterson says:

    It should be noted that I spend at least twice as much time deciding how many stars to give movies on Netflix. I know Brendan Gleeson probably won’t see how many stars I give In Bruges, but who can take that chance?

    (P.S. That movie is actually really great.)

  2. Heather says:

    I don’t hate that person!

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