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* You don’t have a lot of time left to submit to The Cupboard’s contest. Deadline is now May 7th. Learn more here.

* Speaking of The Cupboard, I think we’re about to accept something from slush which always makes me super excited.

* Cupboard logo/t-shirt designer Rebecca Wadlinger has some awesome pieces up at Paper Darts. That’s some damn fine stuff at a damn fine journal.

* O, who am I kidding? Her name is Becca. She just publishes under Rebecca. Sort of like I publish under Adamela

* Adamela won a thing with a piece you can read alongside other awesome piece here.

* Seriously, the fact that Amy Hempel is the judge is the reason I sent and so it’s incredibly gratifying to think of her reading it. I’m pretty sure I’ve found a way to teach her in every fiction and literature class I’ve taught in the last few years.

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