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Things, AWP and Otherwise


Courtney Maum’s Notes from Mexico is now available over at The Cupboard. One of my favorite things we’ve ever published.



My story “Another Castle” is up at Vol. 1 Brooklyn for their Sunday Stories series. Here. It’s mostly notable for (possibly) being entirely dependent on one’s knowledge of Zelda.



The Cupboard will be at AWP in the bookfair at Table X6 with SpringGun Press. They did The Flasher which, incidentally, is on sale until March 6th with free shipping. If you need to find me in Boston, I will be there be there as hard as I can until they tell me to leave.



We’re doing a reading together with other great folks on March 8th–my birthday, for what it’s worth–about which you can find more information here.



I’m also doing a reading with Laura Eve Engel of [SPOILER ALERT] for “We Are Homer: A Reading of Collaborative Poetry and Prose”  in the Hynes Convention Center, Room 303, Saturday at 10:30.


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