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* There’s a new NOÖ Weekly available right here edited by Laura Eve Engel. I have a thing in it about being pope or something. It’s unclear. But it’s a fantastic issue anyway which you should check out.

* There’s also a cool prose poem made out of lines from all the pieces at the NOÖ blog here.

* So these YouTube “Hitler reacts to ____________” things are more than a little tired at this point, but I have to give it up to the Royals fan who put this one together about the Royals signing Jonathan Broxton. It’s really funny, all the more so if you’re a Royals fan who enjoys jokes about those hydraulic adaptor commercials that blanket all the radio broadcasts.

* If you’re not that–and statistically the odds of you being that are quite small–it’s still got plenty of that nutty Hitler.

* I also have a couple of Sire (on)Lines in the new Jet Fuel Review. These are about the internet and Wal-Mart which, as you might imagine, put them in the latter portions of the manuscript despite my initial intention to call the project Sam Walton: Made in America and have it sold for $8.88 at over 7,000 retail locations worldwide.

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  1. wow. tired or not, that was hilarious. the hydraulic adaptor bit put me over the edge. :)

  2. A. Peterson says:

    Right? I wasn’t going to watch it but in a moment of boredom I gave it a chance and was thrilled. Well done, anonymous Royals fan with video editing software.

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