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Teaching Stories of the Week



* A.M. Homes – “Do Not Disturb” – Which I wrote about (at length) here. A great story for talking about structure, character, and narration, one that rarely lets the reader or itself have it easy. And it, like the Moore, is a perfect example of showing how what is often used for melodrama can be refreshed. Here, cancer.

* Lorrie Moore – “Terrific Mother” – And here, baby killing. Well, maybe that’s not so often gone to, but it is melodramatic. Also serves as sort of a companion piece to the Homes as they’re both, at least in part, about being in flawed relationships while feeling sad and stuck in Europe. Really though, just another great realist character study which is tragic and funny. Dialogue, is, of course, top notch here, too.

* David Foster Wallace – “The Depressed Person” – Which I re-read while listening to this old pilot for a show where Jon Brion just plays music with a shy but game Elliott Smith. This, maybe, is the saddest thing I’ve ever done. No idea what I was thinking, but I like this story for the literature class I’m teaching coming on the heels of some Poe. It’s a particularly modern terror.


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