Exhibit 22.6

Titles, Mostly Pun-Based, One Might Use for a Paper on Ulysses

1. Oxen of the Fun – Joyce and the playful metanarrative

2. Blaze a Trail – Boylan’s battle through Dublin as Iliad to Bloom’s Odyssey

3. What is a house without potted (m/s/t/n/p/b/f/h)eat? – Joycean advertising and the linguistic subversion of consumption

4. Youlysses? Melysses. – James Joyce and the Compulsorily Subjective

5. Hello, Molly! – The collapse of operatic structure and the invention of the modern musical

6. Bloom-ing Onion – Outback Steakhouse’s signature appetizer as high-modernist death adventure

7. Wondering Tocks – The broken chronograph as anti-modernist signifier and the violence of temporality

8. Dub(ious)lin- Irish nationalism, the death of Parnell, and the dissolution of colonial consensus

9. Wilde Girls – Gerty MacDowell and Millie Bloom as vanguards of a feminization of Wildean conceptions of sexuality

10. I said yes I will No – Affirmations of resistance and the turn toward the post-sexual

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