Exhibit 23.24

Things That Are True in a Story I Wrote for an Exercise Demanding a True Story

1. Depiction of human faces

2. Things that beep in gas stations

3. Poughkeepsie

4. Hotdogs

5. Depiction of human feelings

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Exhibit 21.2

Things I don’t think I ever linked to here

Dave Madden’s Book Deal – Just awesome. Even if I didn’t get to title the book–or should I say, haven’t gotten to title the book yet–it’s still going to be the first non-fiction book I’ve purchased since…um…I’m going to keep thinking about it. In the meantime, why don’t you all go buy Dave some dirty taxidermy-based gifts. This is the best thing that’s happened to taxidermy since that museum in Cleveland opened their animal stars of Hollywood exhibit. Who knew that Mr. Ed was so short?

Zach Schomburg’s Scary, No Scary – It’s the truth. That last thing I said about Mr. Ed may not have been.

Dave of Dave Madden’s Book Deal and I Talk about The Cupboard – It could just be the move, but I feel like we did this eight years ago. Anyway, I never mentioned it here. Good questions with the occasional good answer.

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Exhibit 8.4

In honor of Drake University having made the NCAA tournament, I plan on doing some comparisons between them and their first round opponent, Western Kentucky University because I’m pretty sure this hasn’t gotten old yet.

School Motto
Veritas vs. The Spirit Makes the Master

Winner: Drake

Sorry, but there’s something quasi-problematic about this whole spirit/master thing. It’s not just the valuing of spirit–that’s fine–but it’s the priviledging of mastery as opposed to, say, decency. If Western Kentucky wants to fill the hills with a bunch of little Ayn Rands, that’s their business.

Plus, it’s in English when everyone knows that any motto should be in a dead language. (I’m looking at you, Nebraska).

Veritas wins easily.

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