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Exhibit 26.3

Saratoga Springs Has

to build monuments to grocery bags that won’t alienate any season–not even that one where it snows on the cornucopias we’ve left among the daisies. Because here they have all the seasons at once. Because here we realize that of everything we know about the world, Price Chopper makes the most sense.

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Exhibit 14.3

The Cupboard’s first volume, Parables & Lies by Jesse Ball, was recently reviewed on here.

So, you know, order it already. But only if you want to.

Thank you.

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Exhibit 11.18

So every morning before work I like to sit down and read the local paper‘s letters to the editor section online. Mostly I do this to make sure no one is complaining about something I did. So far so good.

Recently someone wrote in with what appeared to be a tongue-in-cheek suggestion that Nascar be outlawed because it wastes gas. This proposal has since been debated over and over as if it were in any way a legitimate option. This, too, is why I read the letters.

While I read I’m often times clicking and highlighting the text. I do this while reading online, and don’t imagine it’s that uncommon of a habit. Usually this isn’t much a problem except for sites that pop up definitions to words like ‘is’ when all I really want to do is keep reading about Georgia being taken over. Fine, whatever.

But now the Journal Star has started popping up information from when you click on text. This is what I got this morning when I happened to click on ‘honestly’

Single by Stryper! Christian Metal!

Finally, the answer to the question I’ve been asking all these years.

Me: I was just about to write this comment on the Internet about how maybe we shouldn’t ban Nascar but should make them go slower and keep their tires full of air when I read this word that reminded me of a song by Stryper.
You: Who?
Me: You know, Stryper.
You: Is that pronounced like striper or stripper?
Me: I don’t know.
You: You’re pronouncing it like stripper.
Me: So do you remember their single from ’87? I think it was their biggest hit.
You: I doubt they pronounce it like stripper if they’re really Christians.
Me: It was the single between “Free” and “Always There For You.”
You: Then again, they are metal.
Me: Argh, it’s right on the tip of my tongue. I’m just going to start clicking on words.
You: Sometimes I think about where I might be if I’d married John.
Me: YES! Thanks,!

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Exhibit 9.3

So I imagine you like Bon Iver. I do. I also like embedding YouTube videos like the kids do.

Also, the last part of my draft preview is up at Carlin’s blog. Thank god.

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Exhibit 9.1

More draft stuff at Carlin’s blog. Thank god I’m getting paid for this. Otherwise it would seem like I’m wasting a lot of time to focus on something that is no more important than choosing teams in a playground basketball game.

In other news, I have completely neglected to read The Human Stain for my office’s book club. Instead of watching the movie and pretending that I’ve read the book, I’ve decide to just watch a different Anthony Hopkins movie and respond to that.

Co-worker: I found it a really moving read.
Me: Can you believe the bear ate that guy?
Co-worker: What bear?
Me: So, is it just me or has Alec Baldwin aged 30 years since ’98 while Anthony Hopkins has somehow gotten younger? Am I right? Ladies?
Me: Man that bear was big. I loved when it was all ‘rarrrar’!

And it’s true because I did love that part.

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Exhibit 5.16

My Untimely Death by Adam Peterson is now available from Subito Press.

My little book My Untimely Death is now out. You can order it by sending $10 to:

Subito Press
Department of English
University of Colorado at Boulder
Hellems 101
226 UCB
Boulder, CO 80309-0226

I assume you should include a note asking for my book specifically though I imagine you’d be thrilled with any of them. You can also check out their website here though be warned: it’s absurdly cool yet nearly impossible to navigate your first time. Using it is literally harder than learning to fly which, incidentally, you’ll need to know how to do in order to use it.

The book is perfect bound, 56 pages, and has an ISBN number of 0-9801098-1-7. The folks at Subito did an amazing job, and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. Please support them by picking one up and then let me know what you think of it. I’ll have some pictures and maybe a short excerpt or two up later.

Oh, and don’t tell my Grandma about this yet. I mean, if you see her.

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