Swimming Pools

Exhibit 5.27

On Editing a Novel #1

HOW TO BEGIN. You take your favorite notebook and you fill it with leaves from trees you need to describe better and hair you’ve cut from people who look like your characters and soup from meals you think might be served at your novel’s climactic banquet scene. You then leave the notebook at a swimming pool.

You never go swimming again.

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Exhibit 2.15

There is a new The Cupboard availabe. This one features:

1. A non-fiction piece on invented games, swimming pools, and murder.
2. A collection that could have been 401 characters or 399, but instead are all 400 – as they must be.
3. Something about using furniture to make trees.

Oh, and you should submit to the upcoming theme volume on prose adaptated from movies adapted from books. It’s not meta, it’s awesome. Go.
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