Exhibit 17.22

I Debate the Date of Easter with My Mom

Me: So I’ll see you Sunday.
Mom: Yep, I’ll see you on Easter.
Mom: Easter is Sunday.
Me: No, I think we already had Easter.
Me: This Sunday? Really?
Mom: Yes.
Me: Is that why everyone is coming down?
Mom: Everyone is coming down for a baseball game. It’s just a coincidence.
Me: But you’re still going to have some Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs, right?
Mom: Yes.
Me: Awesome.

This conversation more or less happens every holiday. Only the seasonal Reese’s shape changes.

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Exhibit 13.13

A Running Catalogue of My Thoughts During an Automobile Accident on Sunday

Let’s get coffee…I don’t want to drive, Dad, you should…No, I don’t think anything unordinary is going to happen either…Hey, that lady’s going the unordinary way down 10th Street…So now we’re spinning…Hooray for spinning…(hands in air)…Oops, we’ve stopped……Oh no, this is like one of those Volkswagen commercials with the unexpected car crash…Wow, the fact that I can only understand my reality through television commercials is a little sad…Paging, Dr. Delillo……Wait, I always spell his name wrong and I don’t think that’s right…Oh, yeah, I should see if my dad’s okay…He is!…(assessing)…Hey, that lady’s continuing to drive the wrong way down 10th Street…Huh, I bet she’s coming back…My dad doesn’t think she’s coming back…Why can’t you just let her in, Dad. Why can’t you learn to trust?…Huh, doesn’t seem like she’s coming back…Hello, Officer, I won’t hold it against you’re the wrong type of Peterso/en…I think it was a silver Mazda-like car…Guy who witnessed the accident thinks it was a gold Corolla-like car…I wish we’d made it to get coffee…They caught her! Yes!…She’s very elderly and was confused on her way to church! No!…Now I feel bad…It was a silver Kia…Yes! I nailed the continent of origin…I should tell Officer Peters(o)n what a reliable witness I would be in a murder case…No, no I shouldn’t…Thanks, Officer Peters_n, you were most helpful if not a little misspelled….Coffee!…Bye, Dad, good luck with getting back to Kansas City…Oh, no, the Dolphins lost badly. This is the worst thing that’s happened today except for that commercial I had…(whistling circus theme for several hours)…Oh, boy, I’m asleep!…Sure, I can help you stop the Nazis, Dr. Jones…(adventures)…Oh no, I’m awake and typing…

I know what you’re all asking and the answer is, yes, I do spell proper names in my thoughts.

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Exhibit 9.26

We saw Man’s Last Great Invention last night and will be seeing them again this weekend for One Song Sunday.

The flier really explains it better than I can.

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