Exhibit 22.12

Heather Green’s No Omen
Now Available from Love Among the Ruins

You’ve got to get it. Here’s how:

$12 each or $20 for both. To order simply send an email to with your name, mailing address and choice of books. We’ll send you books and a bill.

It begins with this poem which I’m borrowing from Sixth Finch:
Awesome, no? Go order.

And if you’re in New York, you can attend the release party tonight, November 4th, at Melville House Books. 7pm. Be there.

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Exhibit 16.20

Arkansas Recap

* No one asked me what kind of Coke I wanted. I was sad about this until they handed me plates full of fried chicken and green beans. Turns out they knew exactly what kind of Coke I wanted.

* Tyrone’s students were fantastic. I’ve never seen such an enthusiastic writing community among undergraduates, and all of the work I heard was great, too. Ty has a good thing going there. In particular, I enjoyed talking with Robin, Adam, Rae, Sarah, Zora, Heather, and I’m sure several others whose names are slipping my mind. I got to hear a remarkably earnest conversation about Foucault. I wanted to hug all of the participants. I wanted to believe in something again.

* I was in the Memphis airport three times in one trip. How you ask? Well, it doesn’t really matter but here’s a hint: it ended with a 2.5-hour bus ride through eastern Arkansas at night, a trip I was actually fairly happy to take, in the end, as I enjoyed finishing the book I was reading. I’ll talk about that sometime, maybe. I think I’m going to review the book, and I’ve actually already started (if by “started a review” I mean “began a self-involved collage essay.” I might mean that. We’ll see).

* Tyrone and Julee live in what was once a concrete factory. It is exactly as cool as it sounds.

* Lake Conway was scary and awesome and full of debate over the quality of Mitch’s girlfriend.

* At the student reading we went to on Thursday night, they had a contest to give away some very impressive-looking cupcakes and I got to serve as guest judge. Basically, a description of a very pathetic character was read aloud–the man liked to hang out in bathrooms, as I recall–and the best name got to take home the cupcakes. I turned to Tyrone while everyone was writing their answers and whispered that I hoped someone submitted my name.

* Someone submitted my name. This made me very happy personally yet very sad for the girl who has to share my instincts. I never actually met the person (I don’t think) but I imagine her also thinking it’s a good idea to try to learn Japanese and to buy a new coat only once every eight years. I should warn her.

* Tyrone summed up my reading shtick so pointedly that I wanted to hate him, but he was just too right. He said I acted like a North Platte Woody Allen behind the podium. I still want to hate him for it, but instead I’m just going to focus on being a North Platte Kenneth Branagh at future readings.

* A lot of good people were also kind enough to let me enjoy their birthday/dance/sushi party on Friday night and not act at all creeped out when I sat down and started to read this book from their library while Beyonce played loudly in the background. I didn’t want to do this, understand, but it really was fascinating. I was on page 17–right where Fukuzawa is describing how he used to help his mother crush a beggar’s gnats with a rock–when I re-entered society to the sounds of Katy Perry, just as my man Yukichi would have wanted it.

* Tyrone pointed at where they…

* Thanks to T & J for hosting me and all of the students at Hendrix. I had a great time.

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Exhibit 16.15

I’ll be in Conway, Arkansas, until Saturday and couldn’t be more excited about it. And I love that poster, but I can think of at least three things wrong with it:

“story collection?”

Maybe that oblique Simpsons reference isn’t an appropriate one to make when going to visit undergraduates. Maybe it’s exactly appropriate. Well, we’ll find out, won’t we?

I don’t think I know any Arkansas folks who aren’t the lovely people hosting me, but, if I’m wrong, stop by and say hello. I’ll be the disappointed guy whose waiter didn’t ask him what kind of Coke he wanted.

I’ve been promised this happens in the South since I was little. This is finally my chance to see it in person. I don’t care if Tyrone has to drive me to Georgia, I’m going to get asked what kind of Coke I want.

Oddly, despite having thought about this phenomenon–almost non-stop–since I was 6 or so, I’ve never actually figured out what I would say to this question.


If I say Christmas and they bring out a can with Santa on it, I’m never leaving.

Well, I’d say this post has gone on about 100 words too long. I’ll leave quietly now.

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Exhibit 15.25

I imagine I’ll be going to this and you should, too:

Mary Jo Bang
Thursday, January 29th
Callen Conference Center, Smith Curtis Building
Nebraska Wesleyan University

The rest of the reading series this year is equally dynamite though, if I may say, not exactly the most diverse group (stylistically or otherwise) I’ve ever seen. Still, it’s a style I like so I don’t really know what my problem is. I guess I don’t have one. Besides, I’m probably wrong about the styles. From what I’ve read, all of these are writers capable of doing pretty much whatever they want and doing it remarkably well at that.

Brian Evenson on March 3
Sheila Heti on March 31
Gary Lutz on April 16

Those are some crazy great writers, no? I’m excited.

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Exhibit 12.26

There are some fantastic readings in Lincoln this week although there aren’t any before Thursday. Until then you’re stuck reading to yourself. Or call me. We can read each other random web pages until they become pornographic or anti-semitic or both simultaneously. At that point we’ll close the computer and repeat the word blog to each other until Thursday happens.

Neither of these readings appear to have posters so I’ll just give them the posters I think they’d want.

1. The Clean Part Reading Series

Peter Gizzi and Julie Carr
Thursday, October 9th
Sheldon Memorial Art Gallery

2. The No Name Reading Series

Dave Madden and Michelle Menting
Friday, October 10th
Sur Tango Bar

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Exhibit 9.19

Friday, May 23
Tugboat Art Gallery at 14th and O St.
You want to go to that.
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Exhibit 8.22

Thursday, April 17th
Callen Conference Center, Smith Curtis Building
Nebraska Wesleyan University

I’ll be going to this and will probably write up some thoughts about her great book The Pink Institution sometime between now and then. Or maybe after. I really don’t want to make a promise I can’t keep.

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Exhibit 8.14

William Henry Lewis reads fiction tonight at Nebraska Wesleyan
Callen Conference Center

I’m excited. Should be a great reading.

Last night we saw Man’s Last Great Invention play at Duffy’s. Very good stuff. They once did a live soundtrack to Predator which was also superbly executed.

I don’t imagine the WHL reading will be in service of any 80s action movies, but I’m not ready to rule it out.

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Exhibit 7.18

I’ll be reading this Saturday in Boulder in connection with the good folks at Subito Press. It’ll probably just be some MUtDs and assorted shorter pieces. I’m not sure which ones to read from the little book, so if you have a favorite, let me know. Otherwise I’ll just read the same one over and over until the audience leaves.

Anyway, the details:

Kristin Abraham & Adam Peterson
Subito Press Poetry & Fiction Contest Winners
Norlin Library, Irish Studies Room
University of Colorado

There is even another fantastic reading afterward with Cole Swensen, Paul Hoover, and Linda Norton. In fact, there are great readings and panels all weekend in connection with their Small Press & Translation Festival. I have no reason to think anyone reading this lives in Colorado, but you should come anyway if you have access to a car, horse, or zeppelin. As always, a boat will do you no good.

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Exhibit 7.17

Ben Marcus
Nebraska Wesleyan – Callen Conference Center
Thursday, March 6th
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Exhibit 7.4

Another great Clean Part Reading Series this Saturday with another great poster. If you’ve never been to Lincoln, that really is how it looks. The city council is hoping to add a third dimension soon.
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Exhibit 6.25

Went to see Chris Bachelder read at Nebraska Wesleyan last night. He was fantastic, reading a gripping section of his book U.S.! which is apparently about the repeated assassination and resurrection of Upton Sinclair. Hard to beat that.

He also has an e-book available from McSweeney’s here. Go take a look.

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Exhibit 6.9

Weekend Face Off


Kansas w/ The Lincoln Symphony Orchestra
Pershing Center
Man’s Last Great Invention, Thunder Power!, & I, Colossus
Box Awesome
Verdict: Kansas’s promotional photo is tempting and according to my calculations they feature ∞% more eye patch than the Box Awesome bands. In addition, there are untold number of eye patches in the orchestra. Plus, who knows how great “Point of Know Return” would sound with an orchestra. According to my calculations it would be ∞% greater.
Ultimately, the Box Awesome show wins. What it lacks in eye patches, it more than makes up for with heart and grit.
a theater near you
9pm or so
Eagle*Seagull, Coyote Bones, Baby Walrus, & Fourth of July
Box Awesome
Verdict: I have no idea what Cloverfield is about despite having seen approximately 100 promos for it while streaming episodes of 30 Rock last night. Apparently there’s a monster? His name is possibly Cloverfield? A little bit of Internet research leads me to believe this monster is bigger than most other movie monsters. Also, someone in the trailer keeps saying People are going to want to know what happened. Um, kid, I think when the rest of the country goes to visit Manhattan and we see a lot of giant monster prints and torsos we’ll probably figure most of it out.
You know what else is bigger than most other monsters? Eagle*Seagull. Box Awesome wins again.
Claire Becker, Lily Brown, & Steve Langan at the Clean Part Reading Series
Sheldon Memorial Art Gallery

Lifetime Movie Network

Verdict: St. Elmo’s Fire does have a lot going for itself: beautiful actors and actresses, some really talented people, and Emilio Estevez.

But look at how the The Clean Part dominates. Fantastic poetry? Check. Pie giveaways? Check. Ally Sheedy? No. Commercial-free? Check.

Three out of four isn’t bad. The winner is…attending The Clean Part while renting St. Elmo’s Fire on the way home if you’ve loaned out your DVD copy.
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Exhibit 4.21

Went to see Zach Schomburg read in Omaha last night and needless to say he was incredible. By asking questions like, “Do you guys like islands?” Zach was able to tailor his reading specifically to our audience which, as it turns out, was disproportionately fond of islands.

If you haven’t purchased his book yet, you’re either crazy or don’t like islands. I honestly can’t think of a better book to get someone this Christmas. It’s like getting someone a happiness machine.

Tonight, another great reading at Nebraska Wesleyan. Go see Harryette Mullen at 7:00 pm. As always, it’s in the Callen Conference Center.

If this keeps up, we’ll all have no choice but to become brilliant and physically attractive poets. Everyone else is doing it.

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Exhibit 4.10

As if there wasn’t already a fantastic poetry reading this week, The Clean Part Reading Series is back with another absurdly great lineup of poets.

Ana Bozicevic-Bowling
Julia Cohen
Ken Rumble

The triumvirate will not only read incredible verse to a packed house, they will also take on all comers in three-on-three basketball. They’re that good.

Be there: Saturday, October 27 at the Sheldon Memorial Art Gallery, 7pm.

(P.S. In case you haven’t been paying attention, poets that will have read in Lincoln, Nebraska in the year 2007: Bozicevic-Bowling, Cohen, Rumble, Tynes, Bredle, Arrieu-King, Lasky, Foust, Hawkey, Poteat, Titus, Sims, Bar-Nadav, Dumanis, Florian, Browning, Doxsee, Campbell, Nakayasu, Dunn, and that list is hardly complete nor does it take into account all of the fantastic poets who read at the No-Name Reading Series or the Nebraska Summer Writers’ Conference or those brought in by UNL. Nice work, Poetry).

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Exhibit 4.4


This week, you will continue to enjoy NE Wesleyan’s great series of poetry readings with Christian Hawkey reading Wednesday at 7:00 in the Callen Conference Center. Also, you’ll meet someone new. (It’s probably Christian Hawkey).

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Exhibit 3.26

Back from Des Moines and the reading went well. Everyone at Drake was very nice, and it was great to read with Aaron and Shanley (who were both fantastic). Shanley’s poems were like polished rocks, all pretty but scary underneath. Aaron’s reading was wild and fun. There was a projector involved. Mostly, it projected excellence.

Guess which of the following was not asked after the reading?

  • “How does it feel to write in English?”
  • “Do you speak a foreign language or play an instrument? If not, how do you communicate with people who speak other languages?”
  • “Where do you get your ideas?”
  • “Have you ever travelled?”
  • “Who decides what’s good?”

You’re probably wrong. Anyway, the answers:

  • ¿Que?
  • (guitar solo)
  • Advertisements for consumer electronics
  • Does this count?
  • Probably John Updike. Or you. Probably definitely you in conjunction with John Updike.

I wish the man who asked most of these questions could follow me around and keep me on my toes by occassionally shouting out questions connected only by a vague interest in foreign policy. He had a beard and seemed very nice.

If he were writing this post, he’d end by asking, “What’s our responsibility to people in Madrid?” Really, it’s hard to beat that.

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Exhibit 3.25

Graham Foust

Tonight at Nebraska Wesleyan’s Callen Conference Center. 7pm. You have to go. You have to read his book, book, and book.

As a former student of Graham’s, I can confirm that picture is accurate. He is, in fact, a one-handed cartoon. That won’t be why you are in awe.

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Exhibit 3.19

Shanley Jacobs, Aaron Plasek, and Adam Peterson

Reading at Drake University on Thursday, October 11th. Cowles Reading Room at 7:30 p.m.

(That’s actually as close as I can get to a camera. Any closer and the camera explodes. I’ve never thought to ask why).

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