Exhibit 27.9


Here’s how my life has changed since I discovered the Country Legends radio station:

* I now feel approximately times closer to George Jones.

* I have a close, personal relationship with Jesus. Also, Alabama.

* My definition of Country Music has been expanded to include anything I can imagine Robert Duvall having once heard, even if only in passing.

* My definition of Legend has been expanded to include Eddie Rabbit.

* When asked, I can give direction’s to Texas’s best two-step bar and politely suggest the questioner go on Thursday when there are margarita specials all night long.

* I hear “Ring of Fire” so often I hum it while doing unrelated tasks, like grading papers or hitting my head against a wall.

* Most of my time is spent writing letters to congress trying to get Charley Pride honored as a civil rights hero.

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Exhibit 18.26

I had the privilege of filling Bryan Mohr’s seat and joining Mike Shearer and my brother Jeff on their radio show this past weekend. The Weekly Grind–Omaha’s only Saturday morning AM radio show for the young professional–is quite the enterprise and, from what I hear, even greater plans are afoot. At least if I didn’t ruin it.

If you must, you can download the podcast here or subscribe on iTunes. We talk Las Vegas, Marriage, Celebrities, Lincoln vs. Omaha, and even a little Kansas City Royals.

(Just FYI: there were some technical problems which led to an early commercial break. Actual talk starts around the three minute mark).

You should be sure to check the show out in the future when my problematically nerdy voice isn’t on it. Those guys are doing good work.

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Exhibit 15.21


* The Omaha-area radio show my brother and his friends do (and that I mentioned here) is now available in podcast form here. Understandably, as it was their first show, it gets off to a rocky start but then they turn my brother’s mic off and everything is okay until they turn it back on again. There’s some great stuff on using public money to build a stadium. Here’s a summary: don’t.

* I don’t think I have yet linked to The Home Video Review of Books. If you find my own book reviews pedestrian and unenlightening, you’ll like it. This review of Craig Santos Perez’s from Unincorporated Territory is my favorite:

I just like how it ends with the camera distracted by the bikers. If I were to review this review, I’d give it thumbs. If I were to review this review of this review, I’d do so in the New York Review of Books next to a caricature of John Updike.

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Exhibit 15.13

For some unknown but presumably awesome reason, my brother and two fellow North Platters now have an Omaha-area radio show on 1180 KOIL. The show is called “The Weekly Grind” and will tackle Omaha news, sports, and politics from the young professional’s perspective between 10 and 11 every Saturday morning. The first show is this Saturday and will feature Neil deMause, author of the book Field of Schemes: How the Great Stadium Swindle Turns Public Money into Private Profit (from the always reliable U. of Nebraska Press), talking about Omaha’s one and possibly two new baseball stadiums.

The details:

The Weekly Grind presented by Beer & Loathing in Dundee
with Mike, Bryan, and Jeff
10am-11am every Saturday
Debut show Saturday, January 17th

If I may be so bold, as an official brother of a co-host, I’d like to suggest some future show topics:

* Electoral Collage: Redistricting and Electoral Vote Distribution
* Oma-HA! (this would be a running segment mocking a city politician/celebrity)
* Bill Parcells: What Might He Be Doing Right Now?
* The State Capital: Should We Invade Lincoln and Take it Back?
* Young Professionals: Is This a Category That Includes Us Now That We Spend Our Weekends Landscaping?
* Brothers: What Would They Say if Given a Shot to Fill Five Minutes on the Radio?
* From Sacramento to St. Louis: Cities That Aren’t as Good as Omaha
* Poseurs: Where Are Omaha’s Professional Sports Allegiances and Why Do Jeff and Mike Not Root for the Kansas City Royals?

Those ideas are all up for grabs, fellas.

Seriously though, good luck. I’ll be tuning in.

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Exhibit 10.13

Apparently there is a radio station here in Lincoln that plays the audio track to soap operas during the middle of the day. Today I heard two women fighting about someone named Tony. Occasionally a booming male voice would interrupt to yell, “Why is there always fighting in my house!” He yelled this a few times, but this didn’t really deter the conversation about Tony who, I gathered, might be a bit of a bad seed.

I guess I don’t actually know that this was a soap opera, but it was either that or a self-produced amateur radio show from the saddest house in America.

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