Exhibit 19.22

So The Cupboard–which is about to release its next volume–has a blog, but nobody ever updates it because Dave has his fancy new site where he writes about odd things he sees and I have this one full of disclaimer-laden posts disproving my magical abilities. So we’re sort of at an impasse. Naturally it’s Dave’s fault.

Dave: The Cupboard needs a blog.
Me: Great, I’ve been too embarrassed to write about fantasy football on my blog.
Dave: No. It will be about writing and books and The Cupboard.
Me: Can I write about He’s Just Not That Into You? It was a book. I didn’t read it, but in the movie…
Dave: No.
Me: Sometimes I play old video games and maybe…
Dave: No.

Shockingly, I have never posted on The Cupboard’s blog. If it can’t be a dumping ground for all the humiliating thoughts I have just enough dignity to refrain from posting here–and you can imagine how bad that stuff must be to somehow not make the cut–I really don’t see the point. Okay, I do. I love the idea of having a blog for The Cupboard, but I think we’re going to try something new: a podcast.

Why? Because when one thing isn’t getting enough attention the best thing to do is add another project. It’s still a ways away from coming together, but I think we’re going to feature both our authors and other writers, publishers, romantic comedy cast members, etc. Okay, Dave’s telling me we won’t feature that last one. But otherwise I think we’re on the same page and are excited about having a forum to let writers give readings and talk about their work.

Look for it, um, soon? Sure, why not. Soon.

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