Exhibit 21.17

SpringGun Press is a great new web journal coming out of Boulder that you should read. Here’s how they describe themselves:

SpringGun is a not-for-profit web-based journal promoting all forms of previously unpublished quality contemporary writing and interdisciplinary digital art. We’re interested in the internet as a medium both for its networking potential and accessibility; we want to create a platform for newer art forms to emerge, and simultaneously pull new intelligent voices into the literary fold. We’re interested in writers who read vigorously and are invested in the continued advancement and development of poetry, fiction, video art, or screen literature. We’re looking for artists who believe that it’s important to interact with a community of ideas and artists, who believe no good art happens in isolation.

Sounds good, no? Their first issue is right here. Lots of great stuff there, including Todd Seabrook’s awesome multimedia exploration of the game Hangman.

It’s really great. I laughed. Click on that picture to check it out.

Oh, and I have some things up from that Sire Lines of America project I mentioned a long time ago. If you’re just dying to know what I wrote about Teddy Roosevelt, Germany, and Jesse Owens…

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Exhibit 6.19


Which of the following DOESN’T happen in the first three minutes of Shoot ‘Em Up?

A. Clive Owen shoots an umbilical cord to separate the baby he just delivered from the mother.

B. Clive Owen shoots a car’s oil pan and then slides across the oil for about twenty feet while shooting bad guys.

C. Clive Owen shoots a neon sign until only the letters “FUK U” remain. He then says, “Fuck you” to shoot home his point.

D. Clive Owen shoots his grandmother then watches his sister’s muddy drawers as she crawls up a pear tree to view the wake. He then shoots her, too.

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