Exhibit 1.4.3


One of the first stories I ever published is now online as part of the new Madison Review website. And from the same Spring 2008 issue you can also read a poem by Adam Day. Apparently we were journal buddies before we shared an office.

Adam is also an editor at Catch Up, a new journal of literature and comics. Check it out here.

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Exhibit 22.15

Twin Peaks

As Carlin recently reminded us, it’s important to watch the following video every so often. And, yes, you do have to watch the entire thing. Otherwise how would you ever learn the folly of recording a gratingly repetitive pop song about love in an unlikely falsetto while being backed by your current girlfriend and your recently dead girlfriend’s identical cousin?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: rock n’ roll only leads to trouble. Also leading to trouble: whatever this is.

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Exhibit 16.17

This is so self-congratulatory that I really should stop. In any case, I’m glad we all agreed that we’re never going to talk about that time I linked to my own blog over and over.

Exhibit 5.9 – Madison!

Exhibit 3.1 – This is what I was thinking about football in September of 2007. You definitely don’t need to read this, but it does sum up my feelings on Randy Moss here: He’s like Superman only if Superman had a lingering hamstring problem and sometimes said things like, “I don’t need to save everyone. I just have to save people when it counts.” Yep.

Exhibit 6.5 – Here’s the story of the time junky mouse sacrificers moved into the apartment.

Exhibit 5.4 – The first hint that something was wrong with the Petersons. Note: this was before that guy named Adam Peterson killed someone.

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Exhibit 5.9

Earlier tonight a woman called my phone and left a breathless message saying she really needed Madison’s costume. Unsure of what to do with this information, I got out some fabric and cardboard and sparkles and glue. I hope Madison likes turtles. Sparkly turtles.

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