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I Only Write to Say I Love Me

Sorry for more self promotion but I’m really excited about this:

I present to you [SPOILER ALERT] out now from Dzanc Books. Done with the brilliant Laura Eve Engel, it’s 36 collaborative prose pieces the likes of which you can check out at DIAGRAM here and Sixth Finch here.

And read an interview we did about it here.

And order it here already.

Much thanks to Matt Bell, Dan Wickett, Steve Seighman, and everyone else at Dzanc.

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Exhibit 1.4.27

The Flasher

So The Flasher is now for available for pre-order from SpringGun Press. There’s free shipping and all that, too. Go check it–and the other, awesomer books–out.

Mostly I just wanted to show off the cover. I love it.

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Exhibit 1.1.7

Aborted Post

I was all set to write a post about how someone was selling used copies of My Untimely Death for $196.11 at Amazon, but the copies have disappeared, presumably because my grandmas purchased them all. Still, I’ve already done the math, so:

* Price per death: $13.07
* Price per use of the word puppy: $98.06
* Price per use of the word poppy: $65.37
* Price per use of the word sex: $196.11
* Price per question mark: $7.00
* Price per comma: $0.68
* Price per period: $0.38
* Price per exclamation point: ∞

Of course, you can continue to buy it at SPD or from Subito themselves though I don’t suggest it. Clearly the MUtD bubble has been burst by reckless comma speculators.

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Exhibit 15.15

Two Things:

* I have unanswered questions about the movie Baghead. I also don’t want to give anything away, so if you care and haven’t seen it–and I’m not saying you should though maybe you should. Or not. It’s okay, wildly uneven, should have been better–just don’t highlight this text below and you can remain spoiler free. If you have seen it, let me know what you think. If you haven’t seen it and don’t care, you still shouldn’t read the question but should instead imagine your own baghead movie which you will then want to talk about authoritatively as if it’s the real baghead movie, making sure to accuse those who try to correct you of being sexist.


Who was wearing the bag when the baghead enters Michelle’s room? It’s established that it’s not the filmmaker guy since he’s not there yet. The woman says it wasn’t her and since she’s not a very good actress, I’m inclined to believe her. Now it could have been Matt (the dude Michelle was expecting), but then why would he just show up and leave? It also could have been the other dude who would have had a reason to leave (he was disappointed the girl was expecting Matt) but not a reason to put on Matt’s clothes. So, since the filmmakers decided to make their movie less interesting by being very literal, what’s the explanation for this? Maybe I’m over thinking it, but every other appearance by the baghead gets painstakingly explained. I think this only bothers me because it leads to the movie’s funniest line, “A baghead didn’t see you naked!” Clearly, like the filmmakers, I’m captivated by the idea of a baghead. Also, it’s hard to type in white. I probably should have waited until I was done typing and then switched the font color. Next time.

* This is far less important than baghead-related matters, but it’s been brought to my attention that my tiny chapbook thing My Untimely Death from Subito Press has more or less sold out. The three copies left at Amazon here are apparently the last of the first print run. I only mention it because I’m relieved that I am no longer going to be responsible for an unsold box of books that a Boulder janitor would have to throw away in 2015. Unfortunately, I’m told the intention is to print more, but there is some question as to when. Keep your fingers crossed that funding falls through, future Boulder janitors.

I suppose I also mention it because I still have 10-15 and would give a copy to anyone who wants one. I have done a remarkably poor job of distributing my copies. Please take one.

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Exhibit 10.5

So, apparently My Untimely Death is now at You can pick it up right here. As this is greatly preferable to having to mail a check, I hope they’ll be getting more than the one copy they currently have.

Did I mention they only have one copy at the moment?

I still think it’s cool.

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Exhibit 6.12

My Untimely Death now has a page over at Goodreads. Someone created it themselves which was very nice.

Go here to see it and/or rate and/or review it.

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Exhibit 5.16

My Untimely Death by Adam Peterson is now available from Subito Press.

My little book My Untimely Death is now out. You can order it by sending $10 to:

Subito Press
Department of English
University of Colorado at Boulder
Hellems 101
226 UCB
Boulder, CO 80309-0226

I assume you should include a note asking for my book specifically though I imagine you’d be thrilled with any of them. You can also check out their website here though be warned: it’s absurdly cool yet nearly impossible to navigate your first time. Using it is literally harder than learning to fly which, incidentally, you’ll need to know how to do in order to use it.

The book is perfect bound, 56 pages, and has an ISBN number of 0-9801098-1-7. The folks at Subito did an amazing job, and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. Please support them by picking one up and then let me know what you think of it. I’ll have some pictures and maybe a short excerpt or two up later.

Oh, and don’t tell my Grandma about this yet. I mean, if you see her.

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