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* I’m told the new Third Coast is out in which I’ve got a couple of short shorts – “The Affair Ends Badly” and “An Emissary Visits the King” which are mostly notable for being very different from each other to the point of this more or less being my¬†Twins. A lot of good names there so go pick it up. Which I’ll do whenever it catches up to me.


* A couple weeks back I had two pieces from my Sire Lines series up at the always excellent poetry journal Similar Peaks here. It’s been really cool seeing these pop up online the last couple of years and grateful to all the new journals I’ve got to be a part of while spreading these malicious lies about historical figures. These two are Henry Ford and George Armstrong Custer. They’re both sort of jerks. That part is probably true.

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* So I’ve got a Sire Line up at Everyday Genius right here. You should do what I do and have EG in your Google Reader. You will not be disappointed.

* That Sire Line is mostly notable for being the first one in the series. There are now 50. I have no idea how that project went from something inspired by a picture in Dave‘s bathroom to that .jpg I created at work (sorry, Mark!) to this terrible, long ridiculous thing.

* I’ll write more about both of these bookish soonish, I’m sure, but last week I read Mat Johnson’s Pym and received Ryan Call’s The Weather Stations which I’m going to start today-ish. You’re going to want them both. Trust me.

* The Cupboard is still having a contest. Tell your friends, submit, etc. The deadline is March 31st.

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