Exhibit 15.13

For some unknown but presumably awesome reason, my brother and two fellow North Platters now have an Omaha-area radio show on 1180 KOIL. The show is called “The Weekly Grind” and will tackle Omaha news, sports, and politics from the young professional’s perspective between 10 and 11 every Saturday morning. The first show is this Saturday and will feature Neil deMause, author of the book Field of Schemes: How the Great Stadium Swindle Turns Public Money into Private Profit (from the always reliable U. of Nebraska Press), talking about Omaha’s one and possibly two new baseball stadiums.

The details:

The Weekly Grind presented by Beer & Loathing in Dundee
with Mike, Bryan, and Jeff
10am-11am every Saturday
Debut show Saturday, January 17th

If I may be so bold, as an official brother of a co-host, I’d like to suggest some future show topics:

* Electoral Collage: Redistricting and Electoral Vote Distribution
* Oma-HA! (this would be a running segment mocking a city politician/celebrity)
* Bill Parcells: What Might He Be Doing Right Now?
* The State Capital: Should We Invade Lincoln and Take it Back?
* Young Professionals: Is This a Category That Includes Us Now That We Spend Our Weekends Landscaping?
* Brothers: What Would They Say if Given a Shot to Fill Five Minutes on the Radio?
* From Sacramento to St. Louis: Cities That Aren’t as Good as Omaha
* Poseurs: Where Are Omaha’s Professional Sports Allegiances and Why Do Jeff and Mike Not Root for the Kansas City Royals?

Those ideas are all up for grabs, fellas.

Seriously though, good luck. I’ll be tuning in.

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Exhibit 13.6

More like, The Unbearable Lightness of Being a Dick.

(high five)

Also acceptable would have been, The Book of Laughter and Forgetting about That Guy I Ratted Out to the Police That One Time Because I Was in Love with His Girlfriend and Was All Pissed He Came Back to Totally Step All Over My Game. I Wonder What Happened to That Guy? I Thought They Were Going to Kill Him but Maybe I Heard He Was Just Sent to Do Forced Labor in a Uranium Mine. I Don’t Know. Whatever. I Wonder What Happened to That Girl? I Should Totally Hit Her Up. God, I Haven’t Thought about Her Forever. Why Didn’t That Ever Work Out? Oh, That’s Right, I Sent That Dude Who Was Living with Her to His Death. Man, That Was Crazy Funny But Not Particularly Memorable. Thank God I Developed a Philosophy That Recuses Me from Any Feelings of Guilt or Responsibility. That Sure Was Convenient.

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Exhibit 7.22

Congratulations to the Drake Bulldogs on their NCAA tournament appearance. My favorite thing about Drake’s logo is that even the bulldog is in italics.

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Exhibit 4.5

Congratulations to my brother and his new fiancĂ©. Everyone go to their myspace pages where you can listen to Old Crow Medicine Show and Justin Timberlake, respectively. It’s just crazy enough to work.

Oh, Jeff and Katie. You may have been the 42nd Jeff Pete and 12th Katie P to have registered on myspace, but you’re both the first to register in our hearts.

There, I said it. We were all thinking it.

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