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The Cloud Corporation




So I’d read most of this book in various sittings before, but I’m reading it again while working on a new project. It’s the best. If you don’t believe me, go read the first poem on The Poetry Foundation’s website right here.

The thing I’m writing now sort of comes out of this last stanza:

I won’t be dying after all, not now, but will go on living dizzily
hereafter in reality, half-deaf to reality, in the room
perfumed by the fire that our inextinguishable will begins.

You’re damn right it’s a Kansas City Royals season preview.

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Exhibit 1.6.25

Grey in L.B.


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Exhibit 21.5

Weird Things About Houston – It Rains When There Aren’t Clouds

It seems to do this at least once per day. It’s very confusing, and there’s not much to be done about it other than wait it out. Which would be fine if this oddly sunny rain was just a sprinkle or a light mist, but so far it’s always been a really angry downpour, sometimes even with equally rare cloudless thunder. I don’t understand how anyone is able to play Ultimate Frisbee here (or, to be honest, anywhere).

Maybe there are clouds, just clouds that are undetectable to man and our silly science. I mean, there must be, right? For the thunder?

Unfortunately, during North Platte’s summer “Omnibus” program, I did not take the class on meteorology. My friend Ryan took the meteorology class and to this day he can show off by using words like cumulus and nimbus. He nods while watching television weather reports. In the morning, he peers out the window at the sky and says things like, “That might be trouble” or “Ah, yes, I see…” He would be able to explain these axion-like clouds and make a poster demonstrating their altitude relative to the other cloud types.

I took the class on ancient Egypt. That’s why I can whittle a sphinx out of a bar of soap and make a sugarcube pyramid. You’ve probably been meaning to ask me where I learned to do that. Now you know.

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