Exhibit 1.3.13

Things I Would Rather Be Doing Than Re-Reading My Novel

1. Finally deciding, for once and for all, whether my favorite type of soil is loamy sand or sandy loam.

2. Planning an Amanda Knox-themed murder mystery dinner party. Pizza! Tragedy! Pizza!

3. Arguing over what stats would be included if one were to–hypothetically–start a Fantasy Poetry league.

4. Writing this blog post, apparently.

5. Creating an even better version of the Four Pawns Attack–my favorite chess opening–called the Eight Pawns Attack which, presumably, I would like twice as much.

6. Emailing Bud Selig ideas for new All-Star game events like the Cake Walk, a game Jeff Francoeur can’t participate in because he doesn’t understand the basic concept of walking.

7. Plotting an elaborate scavenger hunt around Houston the only task of which is to eat at every Shipley’s Do-nuts.

8. Playing two estranged siblings against each other until they realize it’s me they don’t like and come together to save Thanksgiving. Or, instead of actually doing that, just writing a family comedy about it while thousands of real siblings remain tragically estranged.

9. Inventing “Roller Basketball” because it suddenly seems like something that should exist.

10. Preparing my victory speech should I somehow win the Iowa Caucuses which, frankly, doesn’t seem as unlikely as it probably should.

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Exhibit 25.6


* Jon Pack Approves or Disapproves – I don’t know exactly how long this site was defunct before returning, I just know that I haven’t been able to make decisions for at least two years.

* – So someone asked me if I wanted to play chess a few months ago, and I shrugged because Jon Pack wasn’t there to tell me whether or not I should. I don’t even like chess, but I do like the Chess soundtrack. Okay, that’s not true, but if you’d like to play, I will quote this song:

* A New Great Wall: Why the Crisis in Translation Matters – This is a great essay which made me rethink translation as a writer/publisher/teacher. I haven’t done enough in any of those arenas, and while I’d already been thinking about it, this essay makes the issues fairly clear.

I know the essay is talking about translation into English, but I’ve got to start somewhere: Я получаю мои пинки над талией, солнечностью.

It’s god’s work I’m doing.

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Exhibit 24.27

Story Prompts

I’m in a class where we have to write a short story every week. To accomplish this task, we’re given prompts which have ranged from very specific to very general. Now, to be clear, I think this has been sort of great or at least I would if I liked writing short stories more. I don’t, really, at least not at the moment, and I’m also not exactly hurting for writing projects.

On the whole, this experience has been positive if frustratingly distracting. I’ve written a few things I like, a few I just typed, and then there was this week’s where I literally looked around my apartment and wrote about things I saw.

I want to say this now because when you read my story about playing online chess and eating Dots in this year’s O. Henry, you’ll say, “Man, he really captured that Brett Pugly’s ennui.”

I so did.

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