Exhibit 1.5.9

The Flasher

Of the 20 images that come up when you search for ‘the flasher’ on my favorite stock photography website–favorite because it’s mostly strange Scandinavian people doing strange Scandinavian things–that one is my favorite.

The Flasher can be had here or here.

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Exhibit 25.19

Run by Kim Gek Lin Short

I didn’t know anything about this chapbook when I picked it up at AWP except that Jeremiah said I should buy it and offered a toy horse to close the deal. He’d come so far as a salesman since we shared a table at the last AWP. But he was right. About the chapbook. About the horse. About everything.

It’s easy in the world of letterpressed and hand-sewn chapbooks to get caught up in the beauty of the physical object and let it overshadow the writing inside, but Run would be just as satisfying if it were xeroxed and stapled at Kinko’s. It is a beautiful book, of course, but the story told through this series of prose poems is a shocking one of kidnapping and abuse and country music. It can do this:

Hand it over, it says, the knife in her purse. Her mother tells the police she knows where La La is: it is not a better place. She slices the sharp searches for the life the heat the wet they do not see. She slices a gash and sharps over it over it over it. Where is your daughter, they ask, naked with glasses on. They’re visual. She can’t show them because they’re visual.

Yep. It’s full of moments like this. Violence and dreams and capture and escape.

Pick it up here. O, and then there’s this. Hmm…

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Exhibit 22.12

Heather Green’s No Omen
Now Available from Love Among the Ruins

You’ve got to get it. Here’s how:

$12 each or $20 for both. To order simply send an email to with your name, mailing address and choice of books. We’ll send you books and a bill.

It begins with this poem which I’m borrowing from Sixth Finch:
Awesome, no? Go order.

And if you’re in New York, you can attend the release party tonight, November 4th, at Melville House Books. 7pm. Be there.

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Exhibit 20.6

“Normally I would consider this an especially productive month of rescue.”

Acts of Kindness
Excellence in Times Tables

by Caia Hagel
Now Available

1 tape-bound volume
Book Design by Todd Seabrook
Covers by Tim Georgeson
$15/year subscription, $5/individual

The Cupboard is pleased to announce Acts of Kindness and Excellence in Times Tables by Caia Hagel, a superhero story.


Larry sings cabaret acts at a nightclub called The Unicorn. He wears on stage a spidersuit his mother sewed for him when he was five. The spotlight shines right at his chest. The manager of the nightclub has girl trouble. His wife sunbakes in the nude. Larry’s father died when he was young, and all he has left is the old man’s binoculars. What does Larry see out his apartment’s open windows? Some feelings hurt, life can get lonely, and from time to time we’re reminded: superheroes are real.

Read excerpts here.


Caia Hagel’s personality profiles, travelogues, and art critiques appear from time to time in magazines and TV networks internationally. Her dream sequence on snakes partook of the Tiger Award at the Rotterdam International Film Festival as part of video artist Roy Villevoye’s short film, Beginnings. She has won Best Feature Article at the New York Folio Media Awards for her profile on design demigod Rem Koolhaas, and Best International Experimental Short Film at the Brooklyn Film Festival for script and performance in Under the Swell. Her essays with photographs by Tim Georgeson in the monograph, Blood; Or a Long Weekend With My Wife’s Family, were lately exhibited at Stills Gallery in Sydney, Australia.


This is the end of The Cupboard’s first year. If you’ve been with us since the beginning, it’s time to renew your subscription and we hope you’ll choose to do so. We’ve got some great stuff lined up to start our second year and hope to find even more.

Renewals and new subscriptions are $15 for four volumes. Subscribe here.

Louis Streitmatter’s A New Map of America and Mathias Svalina’s Play are still available and awesome. They can be ordered individually for $5.


The Cupboard is thrilled to begin accepting submissions again on September 15th. Please send us your best stories, collections of prose, aphorisms, what have you.

The Cupboard welcomes prose submissions of anywhere between 4,000 and 8,000 words. Submissions should be sent by email attachment to submit [at] thecupboardpamphlet [dot] org.


Our next volume will be A Brief Encyclopedia of Modern Magic: with tricks you can do at home! by Michael Stewart. It will be the only magic encyclopedia you’ll need.

Thank you again for everything,


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Exhibit 19.8

Hey, everyone, it’s The Chapbook Review! It’s full of great reviews of your favorite chapbooks (like the Calls’ Pocket Finger) and an interview conducted by Lakers fan Chris Higgs of (presumably non-Lakers fan) Blake Butler and vice versa. And it just so happens to have two different reviews of Mathias Svalina’s Play (which, as always, you can pick up here).

Matthew Simmons says, “It’s a madcap little book, by turns funny and disturbing.”

And Andrew Borgstrom says, “Mathias Svalina intimidates me. I’m scared to review his book.”

Both of the reviews are super nice as is the site itself which is such a great idea that I’m still a little upset you didn’t think of it.

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Exhibit 18.8

Colorless Green Ideas Sleep Furiously

So I have nothing to say about Chris Higgs‘s chapbook from Publishing Genius other than that you should order it and read it and enjoy it. I’d read through it online once or twice, but it’s the sort of text you want to hold in your hands. It’s the sort of text you have to strangle. Order/print your own here.

Read online, well, right here I suppose. It beats whatever I’d usually write about. Beats it good.

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Exhibit 16.23

Possible Reasons Why Someone Is Selling a Used Copy of My Untimely Death for $53.91 Plus Shipping at

1. It’s a rare copy with the following inscription: To Mom, I love you. Thank you for pushing me to follow my dreams. Please don’t sell this to a used book store in Jacksonville. Your son, Adam.

2. I’m going to die very soon. Possibly at the hands of the book’s owner who, even as smoke is still rising from the barrel, will have gotten his outrageous price. His to-do list will then look like this:

  • Artificially inflate market for unknown writer to reap fame and profit
  • Murder someone
  • Spend profits on digital television converter box

And he will feel very glad he got to cross off two things at once as he drives toward the Best Buy.

3. They haven’t read it.

4. This is the first step in what will soon be a chapbook-based economy. In 2064, everyone will be telling their grandchildren about how they used to be able to get a new car for four Cohens, two Svalinas, one McCrae, half a Schomburg, and 1,800 Ware/Chavez/May/Gannon/Perrys and how they’d put their change in the Give-A-Peterson-Take-A-Peterson bookshelf.

So invest. The chapbook-heavy portfolio will always pay off for the literate investor.

5. The bookmark inside is The Fantastic Four Annual Number 2 from 1964.

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Exhibit 16.6

The Match Array
Heather Green
dancing girl press, 2008
$7.00 (includes S&H)

I can assure you: it is a good idea to read this.

This one was originally in Octopus, but I don’t think I can link to it. I’m going to borrow it.


No memory, no myths,
no myths,

few before the forest,
no fixed words for colors.

A red cup looks like blood.
Extract a red dye.

The first year tutored herself,
listening slightly.

The room could be locked.

The second year borrowed a boat
from the river soon before joining him,

the joy beaten to death.
That’s what you do for God.
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Exhibit 13.16

Hey, you know what’s more fun than reading self-important political rants? Reading poetry.

You should get this:

They All Seemed Asleep
Matthew Rohrer
Although my version has a white cover which makes for an entirely different reading experience. Something about it is, I don’t know, a little more Dan Fogelberg.


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Exhibit 4.2

I suppose now is as good a time as any to mention that I have a chapbook of short prose pieces titled My Untimely Death coming out this December from Subito Press. It’s a pretty slick looking website they’ve recently put up, and I’m excited to see how the book turns out. I want to give you one. You and your parents.

I’ll probably mention this again. I apologize in advance.
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