Exhibit 11.2

This post probably won’t be about cake or crullers or any baked good, really. So that’s an improvement already.

I just wanted to point out some things.

Carlin has started his eighth and greatest blog, Fake Interviews With Reputedly Famous People, which, as you may have guessed, features fake interviews with reputedly famous people. They continue to get better. I fear the day when this blog is abandoned like so many others and leaves only a disturbing picture of David Duchovony left for future generations.

I don’t care if that’s not how you spell his name. I’m not about to look it up.

Joe Posnanski’s blog features a poll on who is the lesser actor between Tom Cruise and Kevin Costner. As I type this, they are exactly tied with over 2,100 votes cast. My opinion: Costner is the far inferior actor. Now, if the question was which guy I would rather have a beer with or have a catch with or have show me how great he is at baseball, then sure, Costner all the way. But we’ve been given a question, and that’s the question we have to answer. Ignoring the question at hand in favor of choosing the better-honed public persona is how we ended up in this mess.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go back to trying to convince myself that the Batman I’ll see four months from now on DVD will be just as good as seeing Batman at midnight tonight in a theater. It’s an argument I’m losing.

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Exhibit 6.17

You should be sure to check out Carlin’s new football blog The Realness Hurts.

This blog originally had a different name, but I’m so excited about the possibility of writing an NFL Draft Preview that I can hardly remember what it was.

Here’s an NFL Draft Preview Preview: Tweener.

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