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Everything About This




link/ad/sidebar thing is confusing to me.

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Exhibit 1.7.25

Stock Photography Review


So it’s been a long time since this blog dealt with stock photography on any regular basis, but occassionally someone still sends something along (like Maggi did here). Thanks to B. for today’s image which, let’s face it, is going to be used in some state-sponsored tourism campaign.


Too on the nose.


Heaven isn’t really north, stupid Alaska.


Futura? Really, Oregon?


Getting there.


Strange one to even try, frankly.


A little too subtle.


Perfect but I made that one up.


And there we go. Of course.


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Exhibit 1.5.23


I like any ad that’s pitch is basically, “Look, you probably want things you don’t really want. We’ll help you achieve those maybe dreams.”

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Exhibit 1.5.8


So apparently popular no-effort-mom-pleaser Pandora decided to tie a marketing campaign to the NFL Draft and analyst Mel Kiper Jr. I wish I could have heard that phone call.

Over-thinking Marketing Guy: We want you to represent Pandora!
Mel Kiper Jr.: The music service?
Marketing Guy: No, the popular middle-aged-lady-Pokémon.
Mel Kiper Jr.: Are you sure my obvious and overwhelming charisma won’t out charm the charm bracelet?
Marketing Guy: Of course not!
Mel Kiper Jr.: There is serious upside potential whenever you can get a Mel Kiper Jr.

Honestly, I don’t know if this is a brilliant example of knowing the difference between one’s market and one’s actor or if this is the weirdest, dumbest thing to ever happen on an internet full of weird, dumb things. I’m leaning toward aggressively not caring after this period.

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Exhibit 1.5.7

Demographic Survey

Now I know which advertisers to approach.

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